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Treatment Facilities Vallejo CA

Affordable Treatment

At Rehabilitation Addiction Center we understand that being able to afford treatment is crucial to you getting the help you need. Essentially, we aim to assist anyone in affording quality treatment for addiction. Call and speak to an intake coordinator today about the various financial options we offer. We can help make treatment affordable for you (707) 562-2008.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient services—or residential treatment programs—provide you with intensive and quality rehabilitation services. The center has 24-hour comprehensive and medical care. Additionally, this type of treatment allows a person to participate fully in recovery without outside distractions. It provides individuals with the essential and basic needs while detoxing and receiving services such as therapy through rehabilitation. Inpatient is recommended due to the longer amount of time spent working on self. an individual who focuses on treatment in rehab, creates a higher chance for recovery maintenance after completion of treatment. Inpatient therapy helps people get the most out of rehab.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient services also support intensive therapy, however, these services do not provide the same level of care. Without the residential aspect, individuals are responsible for travel to and from services. Outpatient services are considered part-time treatment. This service offers treatment to individuals unable to find time to get away from responsibilities for a while. However, outpatient treatment can still effectively help you get your life back on track through offering support and structure.

Heal from Addiction with Treatment

The rehabilitation addiction center provides hope for a new life, free from alcohol and drugs. Addiction treatment services assist individuals in regaining a sense of self, while exploring personal skills and strengths. Help is available and you can get your life back. Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction will help you learn how to live a positive substance free life. The disorder of addiction destroys and overpowers the lives of many. Addiction takes over a person’s life, controlling every aspect causing negative feelings regarding the self. The control addiction has over one’s life ultimately creates overwhelming negative feelings of one’s self. Today, many lives can be saved by understanding the facts and simply truth about addiction.

Recovery from the mental disorder of addiction with treatment is possible. The demeaning disorder of addiction confronts people with an inability to control their substance abuse. This powerlessness renders treatment necessary. For treatment effectiveness, evidence and fact based methods are focused on. Addiction treatment is extensively designed individually. Treatment also offers stability and structure which allows individuals living with addiction the chance for proper healing. Individuals find recovery through gaining strength, personal stability and contentment in the absence of substance use.

An Overview of Treatment

Rehab Addiction Center offers individuals afflicted by addiction a chance to regain their lives by having a fresh start on a healthy footing. Addiction to alcohol or drugs subjects many to a loss of control, as well as an obsession toward using the mind-altering substance. Losing all will power and self-control in everyday life can be very frightening and intimidating to the person living with the addiction. Addiction stems from widespread brain change and damage. This brain change often consumes all stability and balance in an individual’s life.

Unfortunately, the disorder of addiction is disruptive to one’s wellness as well as productivity and drive to live a successful life. Treatment methods are multi-faceted to ensure an effective outcome of treatment services. Ultimately treatment will help you succeed in your recovery from addiction. Our treatment programs aim to heal and arm those impacted by addiction with the coping mechanisms and strategies to handle future stressors and issues that, in the past, may have led them to use. Here is a brief overview of the services Rehabilitation Addiction Center offers:

  • Medical Detoxification
  • Therapeutic Treatment
  • Aftercare services


Our exceptional treatment is designed to focus on personal recovery from addiction. Treatment offers a structured environment needed to have success. Followed by fact and evidence based treatment methods which enable the end to living in addiction. Treatment services are guided by qualified professionals and clinical staff. Through received treatment, you will learn the necessary skills to effectively handle emotionally stable, setbacks. The therapeutic services available are offered to guide you with building personal strength. Building your physical, psychological and social strengths assist you upon treatment completion.

  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Social Integration
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Medication Management

Addiction to Recovery

Rehabilitation Addiction Center focuses on a program designed to treat addiction solely based on the individuality of every client. Designing our treatment plans e individualized allows our clinical team of professionals to uphold and manage attentiveness to our clients are their ever changing needs. Addressing needs as they change frequently, must remain a priority in order for treatment to be most effective. Each client’s recovery from addiction is our top priority and main focus. Additionally, providing structured and stable therapeutic environment enables each individual impacted by addiction the chance to get past the need to use substances. Having guidance from professional staff, individuals are able to transition through rehabilitation and find success and confidence in a life free from substance addiction. For more information regarding our treatment programs give us a call at (707) 562-2008 or fill out the contact form provided and we will be in contact with you soon.